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Finding the best Wedding Florist

Wedding Florists

There are some brides who attempt to create and make their own floral arrangements for their entire wedding. And most of the time, this turns out to be a complete disaster. You really can't substitute for a true professional. Your wedding doesn't come around very often, so why not make sure everything looks exactly as you would want it by hiring a professional florist. In the Dallas area, there are some wedding florists that will be able to create an atmosphere that almost seems like a fantasy. To find this kind of person, make sure you take the questions we provide below with you in your search.

You could do a Google search for wedding florists in the Dallas area, but that is going to bring back hundreds of results. Your best bet is to ask people you trust. At least, its a start. Ask people that you know who have been married in the last year or so. Find out if they were happy with their wedding florist. If you get some names with this method, then go online and search for them. Take a look at their online portfolio pay attention to which ones bounce out at you. Which ones are close to the style that you like?

Once you have a few names, you will want to call the individual florists and find out if they have your wedding date open on their calendar. If they do, setup an appointment with them to meet and go over all of your details and at the same time, you will be able to ask them pointed questions that will hopefully reveal whether you would want them as your florist or not.

One thing you want to get out of the way right away is their experience level. Find out how long they have been doing this for a living. Also, ask them how many weddings they do per month. Ask to see their portfolio and point out pieces that are to your liking. Often a very revealing questions is why did they get into this business. How did they get trained? And how do they stay up on whats happening in the industry? Also, you will want to ask if they have any references. If they do not provide you with any, then you will want to stop considering them as a candidate. Otherwise, make sure you call references they give you and have a nice chat about their services.

Have a talk about your favorite flowers but also about what flowers will be in season when your wedding is going on. This can save you a tremendous amount of money. Find out if they have ever decorated your chosen venue. This can be a great advantage to you. Only you know what you can afford to pay. We suggest setting a budget and then trying to work with your florist to bring your flowers into your number range. When you feel like you have the person that can do the job right in front of you, ask what it would take to book them. At this point, you also want to ask about en extras they can provide you like runners or garland. Once you have them in your fold, you can discuss more details over the next couple of meetings. Congratulations, you have hired a professional to do your flowers and you now can decide on something else to be your do it yourself project.