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Have you ever been to a wedding where the Wedding DJ is just horrible? Its either the one who falls in love with how they sound on the microphone or the one who tells lame jokes or the one who plays the worst selection of music possible. This kind of person is not interested in making your wedding the best it can be, they are just plain selfish. To avoid having this kind of situation at your wedding, we want to arm you with some key questions that will reveal any red flags before you book your DJ. We suggest that you take off your groom or bride hat for a bit and instead put on your investigator hat. Think of the Dallas area as your field of operations as you seek out the best wedding DJ in Dallas that your budget can afford.

You will want to create a short list of potential DJs. The best place to find candidates is via word of mouth. Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers about their experiences and DJs they have seen in action recently. If you don't get any satisfaction there, call one of your other wedding vendors and ask if they have any recommendations. Check independent websites that review the performance of DJs. You should start to have some names appear that you can begin to contact. If your date is open on their calendar, setup a time to meet.

Waste no time in asking them if they DJ full-time or if this is just a hobby for them. If they say it is a hobby or just something on the side, cross them off of your list and move onto the next candidate. Ask them if they have won any awards. This can demonstrate another level of competence that can be a plus for you. How many years have they been in business? The more experienced the better because it takes time to cultivate a persona and know how to interact and work with patrons in a professional way. Also, ask them how they continue to hone their skills. Do they attend conferences, seminars and conventions to learn about the latest and greatest in DJ technology?

Find out if they are registered with the state you are in. If they say no, the conversation should end there. Any person operating a business should be registered with the state they operate in. Also, make sure they carry liability insurance just in case something goes wrong at the venue.

When you start talking about cost, ask if they charge by the hour or flat rate. We recommend finding someone who charges by the product they provide instead of by the hour. Their packages should spell out the details, from the time invested to what the DJ will actually do for you and your guests. Do you want them to be an emcee of sorts. If so, discuss this at length. Have they preformed this role before, do they seem familiar with what an emcee does and how to make it run smoothly? Will they provide special lighting to enhance their performance.

When you seem satisfied with a particular DJs answers, talk about how you can reserve them. Is there a deposit required? When would the balance be due? What is their cancellation policy? All of these questions will help you make an educated decision. It also helps to shop around, we recommend Michigan Wedding DJ for an option. Last but not least, make sure you get everything in writing.