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Finding the best Wedding Caterers

Wedding Catering

Perhaps the most important thing you will have to account for in the planning of your wedding is the catering. It's no surprise that it is one of the most imperative aspects, because you will be spending a great deal of your budget on the cost of the services. This is why it is important to hire and work with a true professional who has plenty of experience and comes highly accredited. It is vital to cover every single detail with them so that during the night of your wedding you and your guests are not laboring over super rubbery chicken and potatoes drier than the Mojave desert. Despite all the facets you will have to consider, you should have no issue finding the right caterer in the Dallas area, as there are many fantastic options here! Follow our steps below, and the process will go much smoother for you.

Your first step is to gather the recommendations of your friends, family, and trusted colleagues, particularly those whom have been recently married or have been involved in some aspect of a wedding. It is important to have your venue booked before hand, because you can gain a referral from your venue coordinator, as well. Some venues even have a required list that you must obtain all your vendors through, so make sure to ask about that. Contacting the International Caterer's Association or National Association of Catering Executives are also very valuable tools to finding highly acclaimed professional caterers that specialize in weddings. Searching online wedding directory websites also should prove to be resourceful as they list information such as pricing standards, reviews, bridal testimonials, and pictures. It is important to gain as much information on each candidate before you call them.

Your second step once you have a list of candidates is to reach out, and set up interviews with each of them. You should only go forward with the candidates that are actually available on the date of your big day, so be sure to inquire about their availability first thing when you phone them. Once you secure an interview with them, there are a couple things you will want to accomplish. First, you will want to scope out their shop, and get a sense of their ability to organize and present themselves and their product. It should really go without saying that the shop should be clean and sanitary, if you see any obvious blemishes or health code violations, you really should be walking out the door. You will also want to sample some of their food, if it doesn't taste very satisfactory, cross the candidate off your list.

Share your vision and ideas of the wedding with the caterer candidate, and see if they have any suggestions. Ask about the logistics of the night, and if they make any special food items per request prior to the event. The last thing you will want to cover before the end of the interview is the cost, asking for a sample invoice of all charges and details will help you compare candidates against each other. If you are confident that you have the right caterer, sign a contract with them, and place a deposit to start their services. With that taken care of, you should be looking forward to the best dinner of your life on the night of your wedding!