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Have you ever ordered a wedding cake? Finding a wedding cake that suits your needs and dreams should be a mission that you take on with great relish. Don't take it for granted. It is that important. The problem is this. Most people don't know the cake business so that puts them at a disadvantage. So, with that in mind, we have put together some tips that we hope you will take to every cake maker that you meet with in the Dallas area. Finding out this information should lead you in the right direction and we then leave the decision up to you.

The first thing to do is to as you begin your search is to gather every detail you can about your wedding. Put together a folder of items like a picture of your dress, fabric swatches that you like, pictures of your venue, your color scheme, and pictures of cakes that you really like. Find out from your friends the names of bakers that they have either worked with or have seen their work and that they believe would be a quality professional to work with. Read any reviews you can find on each name including just doing a general Google search on their name. You may be surprised what pops up. Sit down with your potential bakers with all of this information and discuss the possibilities. An experienced and professional cake maker should be able to take all of this information that you shoot at them and put together some design sketches of what they can potentially do for you.

You will also want to have a budget in mind when you when you meet. This will be key because this will tell them what they have to work with and whether they can design something that you will love within your budget constraints. Do not leave any stone unturned. Make sure they discuss what kind of things make your cake cost skyrocket and what will help you save. Make sure you have a discussion of what you had in mind for a topper. Some people are really into this aspect and some people really don't care. If you had something in mind, talk it over during your interview. You also want to take the time to have a cake tasting with any cake maker you are considering. You have heard the old saying that the proof is in the pudding, well tasting cake, icing, and filling will help in your decision making.

Check out each cake makers portfolio. Many bakers put these online. If someone does quality work, it won't take you very long to notice. As you peruse these portfolios ask yourself if you like what you see in terms of style. Can you see this person making your cake and working with you? Once you find a cake maker that you really mesh with in terms of personality and their work, try to book them as soon as possible. We recommend securing the services of a baker at least eight months before your wedding date. Sometimes when we are booked we can recommend you to other vendors like Lansing Wedding Cakes or Detroit MI Wedding Cake Company