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Finding the best Wedding Band

Wedding Bands

Hiring a wedding band for your reception will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. The Dallas area has some amazing professional bands that can rock out your reception. We know that your guests are there to toast to your eternal love for each other, but lets face it, everybody loves a great party atmosphere and have a kicking wedding band play will assure that your guests have the time of their lives. It is the entertainment that they will remember once everyone goes home. You will never be able to match the entertainment of a live band, the experience can stir the soul like no other. But keep in mind, its not a slam dunk. You have to hire the right band for your wedding. We are here to help you locate the band to fit your exact needs.

Your footwork should start with asking people you know about weddings they have been to. Ask them to evaluate the wedding bands they have heard in the last year. If you find someone who just blew someone's doors off, put them down as a potential for your wedding. Once you have a short list of potential bands, try to go and listen to them live if possible. This is extremely important as it will show you in person what their stage presence is like. Seeing them on a DVD or even listening to a live concert on CD is just not enough to get a full picture.

Once you like what you see and hear, try and arrange a meeting with the band or at least with its leader. At the meeting, do a lot of talking about what kind of playlist you will be allowed to put together. Find out how much say you can have in terms of individual songs and requests you can make of the band to learn. At the same time, you want to express what songs you absolutely do not want on the playlist.

Ask the band if they have ever performed at your chosen venue. If they have, they will already be aware of what they will need in the particular room they will setup in. If they have not, ask them if they would be willing to do a site visit with you and find out the pros and cons of the location and so they know the specific requirements that the room brings to them.

Discuss the timeline of your wedding reception. You can mention setup and tear down here as well. You want to know how early they will get to the venue. There is nothing worse than having a bunch of musicians banging and clanging as they setup after everyone is already there to relax. Do you want them to serve as an emcee, will they be announcing certain moments or activities. If so, now is the time to talk about it. Will they need breaks and if they do, will be be able to play recorded music during those breaks. One not here, it is a nice gesture if you can feed the band as well at some point. They will be happier and a happy band makes for a great night.

A few quick things to avoid for the night. Don't have the band play only one style of music the entire night. Remember, your guests will be a cross section of humanity. Make sure the band is not too far away from the dance floor. And don't hire anyone on just a verbal agreement, make sure a signed contract is part of the picture. Don't forget to book your Wedding Limo in Chicago.